Tenant Testimonials

What Our Tenants Have Said About Their Experiences At EcoPlex®

Florida Public Utilities

"As we considered options to move our West Palm Beach office, we were excited to discover the EcoPlex® building" said Jeff Householder, FPU's President. "The building is close to our current downtown facility, which was an important factor. FPU has been providing gas service in West Palm Beach since 1924. We have a strong commitment to this community and wanted to relocate in close proximity to downtown. In addition to location, EcoPlex® offers us state-of-the-art building technology, with the hurricane-resistant features and emergency power systems that are critical to meeting our customer's needs during a storm. The energy-saving design and high performance systems (LEED® Gold Certified) are also in keeping with our interest in promoting clean, efficient energy. As great added features, our employees will have access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility and covered parking."

Jeff Householder

Babbitt & Johnson, P.A.

"Our law firm, Babbitt & Johnson, has been in the EcoPlex® building for almost seven years. We recently decided to renew our lease for another three years for several reasons.

First the location is ideal. We are a few minutes from the airport, the courthouse or downtown. In addition the building has excellent parking, an outstanding staff, great environmental and convenience facilities and outstanding amenities including a pristine gym, showers, bike storage and covered access to the garage.

As someone acutely aware of the environmental consequences of all of our actions, I believe that the green qualities of this building help all of us meet our obligations to our children and grandchildren."

Theodore Babbitt

Stanley Consultants

"EcoPlex® and its achievement of LEED® Gold Certification provide Stanley Consultants with a work environment that allows us to demonstrate to the South Florida community our focus on the development of sustainable infrastructure. In addition, the project’s raised floor and demountable partition systems create a more flexible and collaborative work environment that make our teams more creative and productive."

"Thus far, you have exceeded our expectations. You have done a great job with much patience to bring Stanley Consultants on board. Our members are happy to be here."

Tshaka Dennis
Vice President

Novation Partners, LLC

"Frank and Team, thanks for the thoughtful 'Welcome Gift'. It is great to finally be here, and our staff is very, very happy with our wonderful new space. You have all been really helpful throughout the project and have exceeded our expectations, especially your attention to every little detail. From the beginning, when we began the space planning process, to the final review and completion of the construction punchlist, your team has been extremely professional, positive and responsive to our needs. Out of all the relocations I’ve been responsible for, this by far has been the easiest to manage. Thank you again."

Marie Cardone
Chief Operating Officer

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