Hurricane-Resistant Features

Company Overview

Continuous Operation During Extreme Weather

  • 100% emergency power provided
  • Solid concrete, steel-reinforced, tilt-up wall panel exterior
  • 'Large missile,' high-impact, exterior window glazing system at all floor levels
Case Study: Hurricane Irma

A hurricane watch was issued on Thursday, September 7th, 2017. Hurricane Irma made landfall on Sunday, September 10th. The hurricane-resistant features of EcoPlex® reduced preparation time, allowing the building and its tenants to continue operating through midday Friday, September 8th. Most buildings in the area closed on Thursday to prepare for the storm's arrival.

EcoPlex® maintained power throughout the storm and in its aftermath. On-site backup generators automatically supplied backup power while the electrical grid was down. Additionally, the solid concrete, steel-reinforced exterior wall panel system and high-impact rated window system protected the building from significant damage. The building's hurricane-resistant features enabled EcoPlex® to resume normal operations on Monday morning, September 11th.

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